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When looking to buy a new property, arranging a private Survey gives you the opportunity to benefit
from an expert and detailed inspection of the condition of your new property. Typically, for
properties built more recently and where major problems are deemed to be less likely, then a Home
Buyer Report maybe advisable. However, a Building Survey or Full Structural Survey will give you an
even more detailed report on the construction and condition of the property for older properties
and those that have had known issues in the past.

Your mortgage lender will always carry out a basic valuation on your new property regardless of the
above, but this is extremely limited in its depth and content and cannot normally be relied upon for
older properties.

At Mortgage360, we have established links with professional Surveyors across the UK with the
knowledge and expertise to advise and guide you on the most appropriate Survey to match your
personal needs and circumstances.

Although a Survey is not a mandatory requirement, it can play an important role in avoiding any
unpleasant surprises and unexpected repair costs later on, once you have purchased your property.
Talk to us at Mortgage360, about helping you to find the right Survey for your needs and at the right