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Buying a property and arranging your mortgage is a complexed process, involving input from a
number of different industry professionals. You’ll need a reliable Solicitor to purchase or remortgage
a property and depending on the specification of your new home, it may be advisable to arrange a
more detailed inspection of your new property through a private Survey report.

At Mortgage360, we are partnered with independent specialists who provide competitively priced
services and the expertise to ensure that you get the support and advice you need, at the right time
and at the right price.

We can recommend reputable Solicitors and Surveyors who operate across the UK, with the
confidence that they will support you through the entire legal and surveying process, ensuring that
you receive the best qualified advice alongside our mortgage advice. We aim to link everything
together seamlessly, in order to provide you with a complete and smooth home buying or
remortgage service which caters for all of your needs.

Mortgage360, your ‘one stop shop’. Here for all your property needs.

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