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Life Insurance

Protecting your family.

You’ve worked hard to get on the property ladder, whether you’ve just bought your first ever home
or you’ve now settled in your dream ‘forever home’. It’s time to think about how you would protect
that home, and your family’s ability to remain there, if your circumstances changed for any
unforeseen reason. Life insurance is an easy and affordable step towards making sure your family
has a secure future.

It’s not compulsory to take out life insurance when you secure a mortgage, and it’s a fact that many
families across the UK have insufficient life cover to maintain their current living standards.* None of
us like to think about it, but in the event of your death – or that of your partner or spouse – your
family could be left not just without you but also without your income and the financial stability
which that brings.

Taking out a life insurance policy will ensure that if you’re not there to provide an income, your
family will receive the financial support to continue to cover living costs including bills and removing
the stress and financial burden of having to pay a mortgage. If the worst were to happen, protecting
your family’s future and removing the financial worries for them should be a key priority.
Most life insurance policies pay out a tax-free lump sum to your beneficiaries in the event of your
death, which can then be used by your loved ones however they choose. Throughout the term of
your policy, you will pay a monthly premium that will vary dependent upon the amount of life
insurance cover that you choose to take, along with your medical health status.
Our advisors have an in-depth understanding of the insurance market, and are qualified to provide
informed advice on different policy options and levels of cover. They will guide you through the
application process to ensure the information you give is valid and correct, and also that you have a
full understanding of your policy and its terms.

* Source: Which? 30 April 2022.