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Income Protection

Ensuring your own financial security

Family protection comes in many different forms. If you were suddenly unable to work due to
sickness or injury, do you understand the potential and full impact this could have on your personal

Income protection insurance ensures that in the event of accident or sickness preventing you from
working, you will continue to receive a monthly income to replace a portion of your regular salary,
ease any financial worries and continue to support your family.

Income protection insurance is typically paid monthly and will provide you with the peace of mind
that in the event of illness or injury, as covered under the policy, you will receive a regular monthly
amount to replace your normal salary/income until you are able to return to work, ready to retire, or
you reach the end of your policy pay-out period.

We understand that dealing with any serious illness or injury can be a difficult and emotional time.
Income protection insurance can remove the pressure on your personal finances, helping you to
focus on what’s important – your recovery and getting back to work.

This income will help contribute towards mortgage payments, utility bills, medical treatment or
supporting your family’s lifestyle. Our advisors will guide you through the process and make sure
your levels of protection have you properly covered.