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Family Income Benefit

Securing and protecting the financial future and security of your family is vital. Family Income Benefit is a type of life insurance policy which, in the event of your death, pays a regular monthly income to your family over a set period of time, rather than the lump sum paid out by most traditional life insurance policies. These payments are made tax free and paid to your nominated beneficiaries.

The benefit payments can be used in different ways, but typically are designed to cover all of your essential household bills, other lifestyle outgoings and can even cover other costs, such as private school fees.

Just like most life insurance policies, you pay monthly premiums for the cover. The exact cost will be dependent upon numerous variable factors, such as your occupation, age, medical history, smoker status and how much cover you require.

Talk to Mortgage360 today about your family protection requirements and personal circumstances to enable us to advise you on the best solution.