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Critical Illness Cover

The freedom to recover.

The great news is that we’re all living longer and often surviving illnesses. However, if you are ill and unable to work, the statutory and company sick pay which you are entitled to receive is unlikely to be enough to provide adequate support for you and your family.

Many people recover from even serious illness over a year or so, but you are still faced with having to keep up with never ending bills and mortgage payments during this time, when you should be able to focus on your recovery.

A critical illness policy could help ensure you can continue to maintain your family’s lifestyle without
significant financial stress, giving you the freedom to recover in your own time. Critical illness cover will provide a lump sum that you could use to pay off your mortgage or seek private care and treatment off the NHS, if you were to suffer from one of the illnesses covered under the policy (for example most forms of cancer, heart attack or stroke).

Different insurance companies have different definitions of what illnesses they will cover. Some policies have cheaper premiums, but cover fewer illnesses. Other policies cover a wider range of illnesses and have a slightly higher premium. Our advisors can help source the right cover for you and it’s vital that you seek professional guidance to secure the right level of critical illness cover to match your family’s needs.