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Client Consent

Client Consent

Dear Client,

As part of new regulations to help protect your personal data, we need to let you know about how your personal data is processed by us to perform the services we have agreed with you.

It will only take a few minutes to complete, and without your consent, we cannot proceed further with your enquiry.

Should you have any questions relating to the Privacy Notice or E-Marketing Consent please do not hesitate to contact us on 0330 122 5022 or

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Please click on the following link to view and read our Customer Privacy Notice

E-Marketing Customer Consent

Mortgage360 Ltd (our Firm, we, our, us) an Appointed Representative of PRIMIS Mortgage Network a trading name of First Complete Limited (Our Network).

Why are we asking you to read and complete this E-Marketing Customer Consent?

As a valued customer we would like to provide you with reassurance that we take your right to privacy in an electronic context seriously.

During the course of providing you with our service, this Firm may be in contact with you through a variety of electronic means, including potentially by telephone, email, SMS and instant messaging services (such as WhatsApp). These means are referred to in this document as E-Marketing.

We would like to take particular care to ensure that any marketing or promotional information that we may send to you, or we may arrange for selected third parties to send to you, is sent with your prior, express permission. We would like to keep you informed about products or services that we, or selected third parties, may have access to that may be of interest to you.

In this document we explain how we would do this, and ask for your consent to receiving such information from us (and, where specified, selected third parties) in the future.

How this E-Marketing Consent relates to our Customer Privacy Notice

During the course of dealing with us we will ask you to provide us with detailed personal information relating to your existing circumstances, your financial situation and, in some cases, your health and family health history (Your Information).

During the course of our initial discussions with you, you will have been provided with a copy of, or been provided with access to, our Customer Privacy Notice. We encourage you to read this document, as it sets out in detail the basis upon which this Firm will process and share Your Information. The Customer Privacy Notice also explains the role of our Network in relation to the processing of Your Information.

Our Customer Privacy Notice does not extend to explaining how we would like to use Your Information for marketing purposes, including to E-Market to you. We are of the view that this is better set out separately, to enable you to be clear and make informed decisions in relation to your right to privacy.

How we will use Your Information in the future

There are a range of reasons why we need to retain Your Information and, when necessary, use it to make contact with you. These include:

  • asking your views on the quality of the service we have provided;

  • responding to your own questions on the product you have taken out;

  • informing you with regard to any changes to the terms and conditions of your products proposed or made by mortgage lenders and insurance providers;

Specifically, we would also like to make your aware of products or services that are made available to our firm from time to time that we think may be of interest to you in the future. We propose to do this by any of the E-Marketing means, using contact information you have provided to us.

IMPORTANT NOTES: E-Marketing by our Firm

If you do not indicate your agreement for us to make contact with you, we may be unable to provide you with details of products and/or services that may suit your needs and circumstances. We would like to maintain a record of your express consent for us to contact you by telephone, SMS, email and instant messaging for marketing our products or services that we think may be of interest to you.

Your right to Opt-Out

You have the right to ask us not to contact you for marketing purposes at any time - to Opt Out – we have included details of how to Opt Out at the end of this document so that you know what to do.

Opting Out means that we will either remove Your Information from our marketing database or limit our contact with you to the means you specify (for example, by email only), but we reserve the right to retain it for any other purpose explained in this document or as set out separately in our Customer Privacy Notice.

Please note if you have agreed to being contacted by our selected third party(ies) you will need to exercise your right to Opt Out directly with any such third party.

How to make contact with our Firm to Opt Out

If you have any questions or comments about this document, or wish to make contact in order to Opt Out please contact:

Gavin Watson, Mortgage360 Ltd, City Gateway, Hope Park, Bradford, West Yorkshire, BD5 8HH. Telephone: 0330 122 5022, Email:

If you have any concerns or complaints as to how we have handled Your Information or you may lodge a complaint with the UK's data protection regulator, the ICO, who can be contacted through their website at or by writing to Information Commissioner's Office, Wycliffe House, Water Lane, Wilmslow, Cheshire, SK9 5AF.